Frequently Asked Questions

- Frequently Asked Questions -

we aim to assist you with all of your immigration or visa needs

  • Why should I consider hiring your firm ?

    You can be assured of getting honest and complete information, value added personal attention, the highest quality work, and skilled representation in any challenges from Canada Immigration. If you don’t qualify, we won’t accept your money. Our fast-growing family of delighted clients refer their friends to us with confidence. We have been serving clients worldwide since several years in every visa office internationally. We hope to have the opportunity of working for you soon.

  • What Are My Chances Of Success ?

    Experienced visa immigration lawyers should have an idea about whether they can help. Integrity is important (especially because some attorneys accept cases and fees even when they believe there is no chance for success), and you want to work with an attorney who believes in what you’re trying to accomplish. Again, no attorney can guarantee a specific outcome. However, working with a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of immigration law – and knows how most of his or her cases turn out – is extremely important if you want a successful outcome.

  • What’s The Best Strategy For My Case ?

    After you have described your circumstances and shared your objectives, the visa immigration lawyer should propose a plan of action. The plan should include a timeline and defined deliverables. When you explain your case to an attorney, he or she will most likely have a good idea about what to do from the start – and after a good conversation, the attorney you’re working with will fine-tune a strategy that gets you the best possible outcome.

  • Why choose an immigration lawyer when I can do it myself ?

    We believe that it is important that applicants educate themselves about the visa process and work with a professional as a team. Both applicants and immigration professionals working together can maximize the applicant’s chances of success. Applicants know more about their personal circumstances than the professional, whereas the professional knows more about immigration law. Successful immigration cases result from bringing applicants and immigration professionals together to work as a team

  • What should I expect from my immigration lawyer ?

    The consultants of Easy Migration Services are committed to resolve your legal problem in an efficient, cost effective manner. If you are applying for a Visa or entry to Canada or any other country, our consultants are trained to assess your specific legal issues, outline solutions that work and take the necessary steps to get you, your family or employees the necessary paperwork for Canadian or other country legal status. You should expect friendly, professional and timely service from your VPG Lawyer. You should expect be informed every step of the way during the visa application process. And most importantly, you should expect results!

  • How do I know if you can provide professional help to me ?

    Before taking you on as a client, your EMS Lawyer will always conduct a comprehensive assessment of your specific situation. This involves listening to you, understanding your background, history and objectives. Only after getting a clear idea of your unique issues, can we provide you with solutions that will work. And we will tell you whether we can help, what steps must be taken, how long and at what cost. We have an online assessment form which is the first step towards understanding your case. Fill it out and expect to be contacted within one business day!

  • Can you help me from anywhere in the world ?

    Yes! We work with consultants licensed to practice in all major countries and Canada immigration law. They are centrally located in Toronto & Dubai but can process cases for people from all over the world. This means an EMS consultant can represent you no matter where you presently live. Further EMS Lawyers are totally accessible by phone, email, social platforms and video conference.The nature of immigration practice does not require the inconvenience of your physical attendance at our offices. EMS Consultants represent clients throughout the Europe, Canada and even overseas. Though the use of the latest technology, they are equipped to handle all immigration and visa cases for you regardless of your current location.

  • What is your legal fee ?

    Legal fees are always quoted to you in advance. Immigration cases are charged on a flat-fee basis not on an hourly rate so there is no "running tab”. This way you know exactly how much your case will cost with no surprises! We will also outline any additional office disbursement charges as well as applicable government application fees. EMS consultants’s fees are very competitive. Since EMS consultants restrict their practice only to immigration law, they handle a wide range of cases which keep fees low and reasonable without sacrificing service.