Becoming a Victim to Immigration Advanced Fee Fraud!

Becoming a Victim to Immigration Advanced Fee Fraud!

Every day foreign nationals across the nation are making the decision to start their immigration journey and we can’t stress enough how important is it to do it right the first time. Immigration processing can be long and complex, but it is worth it to thousands of individuals each year who are making Canada their new home. We always advise those to obtain professional immigration help but oftentimes, vulnerable applicants find themselves a victim of immigration fraud. More specifically, advanced fraud fees which you can learn more about below!

What is Advanced Fee Fraud?

Advance fee fraud comes in many different forms and it is a type of fraud in which businesses or an individual are required to pay a fee before receiving promised services or goods which ultimately are never given. This happens often within immigration when applicants are wanting help but at a low cost. Unfortunately, there are many individuals out there that are not there for the right reasons and will take advantage of your vulnerability. Here at Easy Migration, we want to do what we can to help you avoid becoming a victim of immigration fraud!

Types of Advanced Fee Frauds

Beneficiary Fund Scam – Beneficiary fun scams involve needing your help to get money from a bank in another country. The story will usually involve someone who has died and the perpetrator alleges that if they do not act quickly, the money will be turned over to the government.

Lottery Scam – Scam claims that you have won money in an overseas lottery. The letter or e-mail will usually ask for personal information to confirm your identity so you can collect your winnings.

Investment Scam – An investment company contacts you and needs your assistance in investing money overseas. The letter or e-mail will look as though it is coming from a reputable investment firm or government official. The letter will ask you to contact the company, where you will be asked to pay some sort of fee upfront in return for a hefty profit that does not exist.

Romance Scam – Scammers pull at the heartstrings of those on internet dating websites and chat rooms by asking for money for sick relatives, or money for a plane ticket to meet you in person.

Tips To Avoid Immigration Fraud

  1. Check your immigration lawyers credentials always. You can ask for a copy to check their license and ask for references. On your own time, check out online reviews to ensure a good reputation.
  2. Meet with your immigration lawyer in person (if possible) to to be sure they are in fact who they say they are. If you are overseas, try meeting visa videochat (Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, etc.)
  3. If you decide to hire a representative, make sure they sign an agreement outlining the services they have agreed to provide you. You want to always have a copy of any signed agreements with your representative.
  4. Don’t pay for immigration forms. The USCIS provides all forms online for free, so no one should be charging you for immigration forms unless they are scamming you.

Example Fraud Victim Letter from the IRCC

If you’ve been a victim of immigration fraud, you may recieve an email like this from the IRCC:

“You are a victim of fraud. Do not send any money to this organization. Do not send any documents or personal information. Advance Fee Fraud scams that require payment before delivery of a non-existent service, such as visa facilitation, have been identified in this region as well as many other regions worldwide. You can find genuine information on the immigration process to Canada on the Immigration Canada website:

Are You Been A Victim To Immigration Fraud and Need Reliable Help?

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