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  • Australia Skilled Workers Visa

    The Department of Skilled Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) are providing the best opportunities for People to get skilled visa Australia intend for Australian Skilled Immigration. Hence, Therefore, overseas skilled workers have a great chance to get this skilled migration visa. AINiT Consultancy Services is the top migration agent Australia which is providing great opportunities for skilled professionals. It is the best option for getting Australia visa and live in Australia along with their families. Besides that, To welcome such skilled professionals, the Australian Government has created several skilled visa categories. Because Under Skilled Workers immigration visa Australia, depending on the circumstances and opportunities that an individual has or is looking for. It also defines the requirements needed to become eligible for such Skilled Migration visa.

  • Australia Skilled Immigration From U.A.E

    AINiT offers Australia Skilled Immigration or General Skilled Migration Programs. It is even more important to know that, In points based skilled migration program, the Australian Government values such individuals. Therefore, Skilled professionals, who are eligible can get instant benefits, that one can avail on receipt of such skilled visa. Moreover, AINiT is offering top Skilled Immigration services. We have the best-skilled migration experts due to which we are able to provide excellent and professional guidance. We can guide you with the overall Skilled worker migration process. Our Australian Immigration Staff is well- experienced in working visa Australia

    so as a result, we can offer high-quality skilled migration services. Consequently, we have the edge in the market, to provide the specialized services of Australian Skilled Migration.

  • Skilled Migration Assessment

    It is most noteworthy that, To assess whether you are eligible for Australian immigration under the skilled migration program or not, the first step we take as your migration agent is to collect your information. Besides that, To know your circumstances to assess factors such as age, language, skills assessment outcome and then calculate your points to share your eligibility report.

    The applicants should have at least 2 job offers from Canadian employers having minimum work duration of 1 year and should meet the minimum English language requirement.

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